Reasons To Sell Your Home!

Here are just a few reasons you may want to sell…
Avoid Foreclosure        Divorce             Moving              Upside Down
        Liens             Bad tenants         Vacant           Too much hassle
Downsizing           Death        Job loss            Work needed on house


Many people hit a “bump in the road” in life for various reasons, we believe it should be just that….a “bump” that you move past and get back on your way enjoying your life.


Did you know that in most cases we can stop a foreclosure, help protect your credit, and take the weight of the monthly mortgage payment off of your shoulders? If you have found yourself behind on payments and you could be facing foreclosure, pick up the phone right now and give us a call!

   You want to sell. We want to buy.   

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Perhaps you are not behind on payments, but the struggle of stretching out the money each month to pay the bills is overwhelming.  You may even be using your hard earned dollars to pay for a house you don’t even currently live in!  Are you making two mortgage payments due to relocation, divorce or inheritance from a family member?


Are you a frustrated landlord who is tired of the high cost and headaches that come with uncollected rents, vandalism, vacancy… not to mention the maintenance calls that always come at the most inconvenient times!  Do you simply want out of the landlord business?

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